These activities can be used to supplement the topics on the Teaching Chart, Fusion: Physics of a Fundamental Energy Source, produced by the Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP). Teachers may reproduce these activities for their classroom use as long as they include credit to CPEP. Separate Teacher's Notes include equipment information, background information and suggestions, expected results, and answers to the questions that are asked in the student activity.

The following activities are intended for use in high school and introductory college courses. An appendix to the Teacher's Notes shows the alignment of the activity with the National Science Standards and with the AAAS Benchmarks. Video demonstrations of three of the activities are available below. Click here for a brief summary of the activities.

CPEP Fusion - view this channel on YouTube. Web
Simulating Fusion - Download English Version PDF | Word
Download French Version PDF | Word
Download Spanish Version PDF | Word
Long Range Repulsion, Short Range Attraction - Download: PDF | Word
Motion of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field - Download: PDF | Word | Video
The Physics of Plasma Globes - Download: PDF | Word | Video
Plasma Globes and "Body Capacitance" - Download: PDF | Word
Studying the Electric Field Near a Plasma Globe - Download: PDF | Word
Properties of a Plasma: Half-Coated Fluorescent Bulbs - Download: PDF | Word | Video
Resistance of a Fluorescent Bulb: Half-coated Bulb Version - Download: PDF | Word
Resistance of a Fluorescent Bulb: Plasma Tube with Power Supply Version - Download: PDF | Word

The following activities are intended for use in middle school classes.

Testing a Physical Model - Download: PDF | Word
Modeling the Interactions in a Nucleus - Download: PDF | Word
Plasma Globe and Spectra - Download: PDF | Word